No, we only collect email to prove that our reviewers are real humans. All information is kept 100% confidential and will never be shared with a third party.

We collect information by crowdsourcing it straight from employees themselves. Companies can verify their official policies with us, but they can’t change the reviews. If a company has a verified policy, the symbol “company verified” appears at the top of the company page.

All submissions are reviewed by our team before they are posted to ensure the content is appropriate. However, we cannot verify the accuracy of a policy unless it is company verified. If you want to update a policy, please search for the company here (or in the upper right Search box) to update the policy.

Company verified reviews are marked by this symbol.     


You can request that we contact a company for their leave policy here. We will not disclose any information about the requester.

You can join here. We promise not to spam you. We will send out great information about leave policies.

Please see our employer page here, for more info, or email us at hello@listyourleave.com.

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