About Us

List Your Leave’s mission is to create a dialogue between American companies and families about family & medical leave policies. Leave benefits have a big impact on annual earnings, but they are often overlooked or not discussed during a job interview. We’ve created a free platform for transparent information sharing, policy reviews, and company culture ratings to serve as a resource for American workers.

The List Your Leave platform was started by a group of highly-motivated, young working professionals dedicated to both work and family. When we started our careers, no one told us how important leave policies & corporate culture would be to our earnings, family life, and the ability to stay engaged in our careers. We’ve seen our friends, families, grandparents and coworkers struggle to make ends meet – literally – after having a child.

We believe individuals should be supported by the companies that they work for. And we believe that this approach benefits both the company and the individual (and this isn’t just our opinion – data supports this!). And finally, we believe that there should be transparency in all company benefits. You probably ask about your medical and financial (401K) benefits, but we bet you don’t feel comfortable asking about leave. List Your Leave is here to make sure you know exactly what you’ll get — and how your company will react.

List Your Leave also believes that all employees are entitled to fair and equal leave policies, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. This means our site captures leave benefits for all, not just traditional maternity leave. We’d love to hear your ideas if you think we’ve overlooked something.

Please send us an email at hello@listyourleave.com.

Family matters. If employees care about leave, companies will too.